Principal’s message

I am Sheikh Naveed Shamim and I function as the Principal of SNS Tuition Center. I am here to impart some essential actualities and working structure of this institution.
Since its inception, SNS has been committed to provide quality education that encourages and prepares students academically, personally and professionally. The mission of this institution is to stay focused on the accomplishment of most elevated norms in educating and learning. We endeavor to guarantee that your time spent at SNS allows you to grow, discover and learn. Our focus is consistently been on producing quality students and the triumphs that our Alumni have accomplished bear declaration to that reality.

SNS seeks to nurture thoughtful, creative and individuals with potential who are focused on enhancing themselves and the community at large. Our faculty members have an enthusiasm for teaching and our staff has always been committed to support and facilitate the academic endeavor of every single student. Our campus culture is open and promotes liberal learning with a commitment to ethical and high moral standards, but put lot of emphasis on discipline and conduct of the student.

This is a message for every single respectable parent that me, my faculty and staff always look forward to welcome, and guide while assisting your child. May Allah give us the vision and strength to satisfy this honorable assignment with all our efforts, leading to the success of our students.


I am confident that our students will bring a good name not only for this institution, but for their parents and Pakistan too.


Dear parents, let me finally appreciate and acknowledge the confidence and trust you have rested in SNS, something we appreciate most and which makes us feel pleased with.

Together we shall shape a brighter and promising future of our children – INSHALLAH

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